‘Do you need someone to help you right now? Whatever it is, we do it. We deliver the best service’.


With Butler On Demand you can request your personal butler whenever you need one. Everything can be arranged: handyman, gardener, dog walker or babysitter. Or maybe you want a personal trainer or get your car washed?


How does it work? It’s simple: whenever you need our help, let us know. Per service we charge a fixed rate, but you can count on our quick and dedicated assistance.

Price starting from

€ 30,25

+ service costs


  • Fresh fish

    Fish shop Ruud den Haan: ‘A perfect way to start the day at 5 am, driving to the fish market. That’s where we find the best fish: fresh, sustainable and with a good price. Afterwards we go back to Rotterdam: preparing the fish, salads, and making our customers happy. With a delicious piece of perfection.’

  • Fresh bread

    Bakery van der Grijn: ‘We are a family business, since 1950. We work with local products and make everything ourselves, up to around 60 different kinds of bread. Keeping our customers satisfied with our quality and service, that’s our mission.’

  • Fresh cheese

    ‘t Lage Landse Kaashuys: ‘I love to share my passion for cheese with my customers. We continuously look for new products. We offer good quality cheese with the best taste.’
  • Fresh meat

    Butcher Rien Bezooijen: ‘Steak on bread, that’s how my mom inspired me for this profession. With our customer focus and variety of specialties we want to be a craft and modern butcher with beautiful, fresh products.’

  • Fresh vegetables

    Robert Heemskerk Versidee: ‘Every day we get our new, fresh products directly from the farmers. Almost all our products are sustainable products, meaning that they are produced without any pesticides. We prepare salads, smoothies and fresh juices in our own kitchen.’

  • House cleaning service

    ‘Cleaning your house might cost you too much time. That’s why we would like to help you. Let us do the cleaning for you.’

  • Handyman

    ‘Are you getting crazy about that leaking faucet? What a sin. You are just as nice as you are right now. Shall we do this job for you?’

  • Gardener

    ‘Great! Everyone is coming to your barbecue party. But how does your garden look? Would a tidy garden with a few extra plants contribute to the joy of the party?’

  • Flower service

    ‘How happy would you be when you come home to a house full of flowers? Very happy! Shall we put them on the table for you?’

  • Clothing repair

    ‘You want to take your favorite jacket with you on your holiday. But it does need repairment first. Give it to us and we will make sure there will be a button on it before you leave.’

  • Shoemaker

    ‘Your favorite shoes, which you already have for years, walk better when the sole isn’t broke. Do Company will take care of it.’

  • Liquor store

    ‘Wonderful that the whole family comes for dinner, but shouldn’t that include delicious wines? Let us get you your favorite wines’.

  • Gift service

    ‘You are having a party this weekend, but you don’t have time to buy a gift?’ Our time savers make sure you will have the present on time.’

  • Babysitter

    ‘Oh oh, your babysitter can not help you tomorrow night. Don’t panic. Do Company ensures you that you can still go to your party’.

  • Driver

    ‘A driver would be great today, because you still have to prepare your presentation. Why don’t you ask your Do-driver?’

  • Dog walker

    ‘Wouldn’t it be great if your dog could go outside a little more often? We love animals and can show your dog the nicest places in the neigbourhood’.

  • Party service

    ‘The decoration is done, the appetizers are ordered and your refrigerator is filled. The only thing you still need is an entertainer for the kids. No problem, just call Do Company’.

  • Recipes & ingredients

    ‘Do you lack some inspiration for dinner? We provide you with good recipes and ingredients from our suppliers’.

  • Mover

    ‘Do Company does not only take care of moving your boxes. We are moving from A to Z so you won’t be bothered with all the extras!’

  • Personal assistant

    ‘You do not have enough time to finish your administration, but it has to be done. Do Company provides assistance. You ask, we do!



House cleaning service



Flower service

Clothing repair



Liquor store

Gift service

Holiday service

Stand-by service


Pick up / bring kids


Dog walker

Party service


Recipes & Ingredients


Car garage


Elderly assistance

Personal assistant

Personal trainer


Do you want to try one of our services? Let us know below. We will call you to discuss your explicit wishes. Let us take care of your to-do list efficiently.

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