‘Great, those fresh products in my refrigerator. ’

‘We have been looking to find a service like this for years’.

‘When I need something; I just call, mail or WhatsApp them and it’s done’.


There are so many nice things to do. That’s why we say: just do them! Don’t let anything stop you from spending your leisure time doing something you love. Arguments such as: ‘Oh no, I have to do this before I can do something nice’ are no longer necessary. We will take care of your to-do list, which enables you to enjoy your leisure time more. Sounds good, right?


  • Fleur

    ‘I do my work with great pleasure and dedication. My goal is to make our customers remember what free time is. Together with our team, we achieve this goal by providing perfectly customized services.’

  • Carlijn

    ‘Getting a better understanding of our customers’ wishes and translating these wishes into action; this can make us better. A satisfied customer: that is my mission. And together with our amazing team, we can make this happen.’

  • Judith

    ‘Hidden ideas and market opportunities, that’s where my passion for entrepreneurship comes from. Around me I see hardworking people that don’t have a lot of leisure time. There is a need to relinquish the less pleasant household chores. Do Company is going to help those people with the ultimate service.’

  • Lucia

    “We create the best customer experience by offering tailored services. During my work I radiate energy and passion. Above all things, I am passionate about the well being of our customers. We believe in a new culture: flexible, healthier and creative environment. It offers space for more productivity and relaxation.”

Consider your to-do list done

Do Company wants to improve busy people’s quality of life by offering them more time to relax and enjoy their leisure time more while we take care of all the less enjoyable household tasks. Our mission? To decrease the weekly to-do list of our customers. We take care of their groceries, household tasks and other chores so that they have more time for the enjoyable activities in life.

Almost unnoticeable

The big advantage of Do Company our personal approach. After an intake, in which we discuss all your wishes, you can give us your house key so we can perform our tasks almost unnoticeable. When you come back home, the refrigerator is filled, the bins are cleaned and all your other tasks are done.

Rotterdam, The Hague, Amsterdam, Utrecht and The Gooi

At this moment we are operating in Rotterdam, The Hague, Amsterdam Utrecht and The Gooi.

Our Address

Jaffadwarsstraat 1
3061 JL Rotterdam
+31 (0)10 418 77 12

+31 10 418 77 12


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